The New Year ahead

Hopefully everyone in small business has achieved a little break over this busy period. We are now pushing forward towards a new year and a new start for both business and our personal lives.

With any luck as business owners you are currently taking a break from the day to day. Perhaps you are even on holidays. Others will however be working through with little or no break regardless of the time of year.

Working or not working it is important to think about what you have planned for the year ahead and how you will achieve those goals. As it is commonly said a goal without a plan is very difficult to achieve.

Steps to Success

1 – Know where you are going

2 – Be as specific as you can

3 – Have measurable steps throughout the process

4 – Create a list to check off along the way

5 – Ensure that large tasks are broken down to bite size pieces

6 – Have a time line for achievements

7 – Be visual, a chart can help with the process

8 – Work and don’t stop, change the finish line if you have to

These steps will get you moving forward for the New Year. By having your tasks lined up and measurable you have more chance of progressing towards them. Having a checklist will allow you to feel like you are getting results and help you to continue working towards the satisfaction of goal achievement.

I look forward to continuing work with my clients and collaborating with them on their achievements.