Blog Post ideas – Making Headlines

If your business is one that writes and publishes a regular blog, then this post is for you. You use your blog to inform your clients and potential clients about many things that are relevant to your industry.

However if you have not yet begun writing a blog for your business, then keep reading for some inspiration.

The headline of your blog or article is the most important part. This headline must be aiming to fulfil a need that people are searching for online.

  • Answer a commonly asked question within your industry
  • Create a “How to” post or a tutorial
  • Review a product or service
  • Educate your clients or potential clients
  • Do a list “10 ways to……
  • List wonderful resources that can help your clients or potential clients
  • Create a cheat sheet for your clients or potential clients
  • Be controversial – recently I posted “Business Partnerships are Notoriously Bad”
  • Podcast or Videos
  • A guest post from someone popular in your industry

So how do you come up with catchy headlines?

  • The relevant part or key terms of your headline should be towards the front of your headline.
  • It should be obvious as to what the article or blog is going to be about.
  • It should be evergreen; meaning you can repost and share many times.
  • You should write your headlines before you write your article or blog.

Writing your headline first

The reason that this is the best way of doing things is that you can review your ideas later and improve them or delete them.

As many of you will know I am always telling my clients to:

  • Schedule your social media
  • Schedule your blogs in advance
  • Write several blogs or articles in one go
  • Don’t leave it to the day you were planning to publish a blog or article

The same goes for headlines – sit and spend time creating a list of 10 or 20 possibilities for your headlines. You can then improve, delete or use them, as you are ready to write.

If you would like a brainstorming session or idea generating session to get your ideas for titles down on paper, please be in touch. Also I will provide you with the best layout and strategies to make you blog writing a success.

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