Content Marketing to grow your business

Have you been trying to do content marketing?

Did someone tell you that “Content is King”?

Is your content not working for you?

It is important to remember that even the best content in the world is useless without a clear content strategy.

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Put your content to work

Define the goals you have for your marketing and business.

Does your content serve those goals?

What is the larger picture for your content?

Goal Ideas

Build relationships with your audience – By building these relationships your clients and potential clients begin to trust you. They see that you know your topic, get a sense of your culture and what it would be like to work with you.

Attract new – Your content needs to attract likes, shares and conversation. This will all work to help people to find you. Existing customers are not enough you need to be constantly attracting new people to keep your business on track. Try for remarkable content, as this is what many around the Internet will share so that your new clients may see you.

Solve problems – Your content should show how well you understand your client’s pain points and how well you can solve them. What do your clients find annoying, what are your frequently asked questions?

Share the benefits – Share the benefits of doing business with you. What are the benefits received from doing business with you? Show your existing and potential clients the benefits that you can deliver!

Overcome their pain – If price is a pain point, demonstrate how people will save in the long run. If your product is complicated, create a simple explanation of how to use it. Find the most creative ways you can to overcome the pain that your potential buyer may feel.

Story telling – Tell an experience of people doing business with you. This can be through case study, testimonials or similar. Illustrate what it is like to do business through a story that they may feel an affinity with.

Strategic Partners – Who can help? Do you know another business owner or a few that could help you? Help you create content, share content and more.

Speak to your existing people – While trying to attract new clients you must look after your old ones. It is often your old clients who will be the biggest advocate of your products and services. Share content with them that makes them want to share it with others.

New Ideas – test new ideas through your content, ask questions, create surveys, request feedback. Ask your audience, through content, if they like a new idea that you have or if they can’t stand it.

Search Engine Optimisation – Your content must be valuable to be found. Valuable content will be read and shared by many and the search engines will see this and in return your ranking will improve.

Are there some other goals you have for your content? Did I miss any?

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