Create a Content Marketing Calendar

If you are creating content for your business via a blog or social media, having a calendar can be very beneficial.

Naturally if you are just starting out you may not see the benefit but over time you will see exactly what I am talking about.


The calendar can be as simple or as detailed as you like or want it to be. Your starting point should be a simple spreadsheet. If you are posting for your blog on a weekly basis, you will need some simple columns.


Beyond these titles, you may wish to include things like


For the My Sassy Business Blog, the first three are vital for me in trying to spread out all the different ideas that I have. Mixing up the different topics I have allows me to see where I perhaps need to fill in some areas.

Another thing that I do is colour code the diffident topics through the calendar so that I can visually see where I need to add more for a specific topic.

Your spreadsheet will allow you to search old blog titles to see if you are repeating yourself or if you are missing areas completely.

Social Media

For social media, you can do the same thing as you would for blogs, plus you can also add in where and when you are going to share your blogs.

Say you blog once each week and you also post across your social media, once each day. The day you publish you blog you can also share it to social media so you have no need to create another post on that day.

Times and Schedules

Make sure that you review these regularly, just because you think the time of day is correct, you audience may not agree.

Perhaps your audience is the most active online on a Sunday evening and yet you choose to post on a Monday afternoon cause that works for you. Well, you have missed all your audience as the chances they will find you has just decreased.

Think about important dates for your business throughout the year and you may need to be planning specific posts around these dates. Your calendar allows you to plan ahead rather than leave this to the last minute.

Reporting tools

If you use scheduling tools, they will have reporting statistics within them so that you can see what has been popular. If you have a website, may sure that Google Analytics is attached so that you can see what people are looking at.

In finishing, the more organized you are the easier you will find it is to produce your content and use it to market your business.

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