How to find Sassy Blogging Ideas – If you are utilizing a blog for your business then there are several ways that you can come up with regular ideas for your blog posts.

Knowing your audience – When you have a clear picture of your client base you should know what they are interested in.

Reading about your industry – See what other people are writing about and see if you can fill some gaps or come up with other interesting facts or topics that relate. Try to write for other peoples blogs too as this will gain you further exposure in your field of expertise.

Brain storming – Sit without any other distractions and see how many ideas you can write. Keep a notebook handy and write things down as you think of them. Perhaps you have a colleague and you can brainstorm together, utilize a business adviser to brainstorm with you.

Google – Search Google for ideas and read how other people develop ideas too, this is bound to offer some suggestions.

Answering – Utilize your FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions, this will help to educate your followers and clients.

SEO – Think strongly about the SEO of your blog post and ensure that you are maximising the chance for people to find your blog post.

Most importantly don’t wait until you are at the last minute of needing your post online to try and come up with something. Do the work in advance and be ahead of schedule so that your posts a not rushed.

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