Losing money by not using content marketing


Content Marketing will make you money

It is inbound marketing at it’s best, and it drives customers to your door.


Content Marketing will generate sales efficiently for you

You put the content out there and as it is an inbound strategy your customers find you.


Content Marketing pulls in customers to your business

You are not trying to chase down your customers they are calling you and wanting your business.


Content Marketing shows you as a thought leader

You get to show off how knowledgeable you are in your industry.


Content Marketing is one of the most cost effective types of marketing

Good content is evergreen, which means you can use it over and over again to generate business for your business.


Content Marketing can increase your average sale

You are meeting the clients at their need for what you have on offer; they call you and are already somewhat sold. Now you can up sell them to where you want them to be.


Content Marketing will build relationships

It allows you to show your unique personality and draw people in to experience what you have to offer.


Content Marketing helps create personal connections

You are unique and your content should reflect this so that people who resonate with you will want to do business with you.


Content Marketing shows you off as a knowledge resource

As part of the buying process, people will see you as a resource, which builds your credibility.


Content Marketing can help to enhance your brand

It gives your new and existing customers a touch point for your business helping you stand out.


Content Marketing can help to enhance your image

Your image as a business is what helps you to remain top of mind with your clients and potential clients.


Content Marketing can put you ahead of your competition

It is important not to focus on your competition and if they are not doing content marketing well, you have the ability to shine.


Content Marketing can boost your customer interaction

People love to let you know what they think and if they enjoy an article chances are they will let you know or tell someone they know.


Content Marketing works with all types of businesses

Big or small it is content marketing that will set you apart and grow your business.


Content Marketing creates less work in the sales process

Your buyers are more informed by the time they are ready to buy and this means less work for you when you are selling to them.


Content Marketing gets attention

It helps your websites SEO it gives you something to share on social media.


Content Marketing can increase email response rates

Through the use of e-marketing, you can get people to take action using specific calls to action.


Content Marketing can make you go viral

If you write something spectacular people may share it over and over and your content may go viral.


Content Marketing keeps you in control

You control the message that is out about your business with everything you write, publish and share.


Content Marketing improves your social media presence

People are more likely to click and interact when your content is awesome. This engagement increases your reachability online.


This blog has given you 20 ways to explain why you need to use content marketing so that you don’t lose money.

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