Simple Marketing Strategies

Here are some very simple things that you as a business owner with a website should already have in place or be looking to do ASAP.

Firstly before you start any strategy, spend any time or money, you must know who your ideal client is! If you don’t have this question answered, schedule a brainstorming session with Kelly and get this answered!

Search Engine Optimisation, both on your site and off your site is vital if your clients are going to be able to find you. As you would no doubt be aware the market place for any business is a busy one. If you are going to stand out you need to be doing things to put your best foot forward. This begins and ends with optimising everything that people will see about your business.

Simple Strategy number 1

Your content – You must ensure that every piece of new and existing content that is distributed about your business is written and targeted to your ideal clients. What are they searching for and how can you help them to find it?

Review your existing website content frequently to ensure that it is always correct and up to date!

Have a strategy for fresh content – for example, add a blog to your site and commit to a publishing schedule. There is nothing worse than looking at a site and seeing the last blog was 12 months ago – Are they even still in business?

The My Sassy Business Blog is published every week and this is without fail. If you are going to blog, it may be weekly, monthly or quarterly but make sure your ideal clients can rely on receiving it. Consistency rules small business!

Also remember that every time you put something out from your business it should show off your business. Make sure you have you business details within or on each image – Branding your biz!

Have the text for your website across the image or perhaps if you are a fashion brand have a label or card with your details. This way if someone shares the image, people know where it came from. is great for creating share worthy images.

Simple Strategy number 2

Your website structure – You must ensure that it is mobile responsive. This is a matter of urgency for your business. Google have indicated that they will be penalizing sites who are not mobile responsive. Talk to your web designer today and if necessary convert or upgrade your site, we recommend Pixel Fish Websites to everyone.

Simple Strategy number 3

Your website backend – Meta descriptions must all be filled out correctly. All images must be correctly named and described to also optimize your results. Make sure that all your titles are search relevant, and targeted to your ideal clients. Not to forget URL’s, ensure they are right and not something obscure.

Small business now is not just about doing a good job and looking after your clients. Sure that plays a MAJOR part but delivering a consistent marketing message and right across all your chosen platforms is an area you cant ignore.

Take the time to check over your business – Are you doing everything you should be to generate the returns you are looking for? If not, do something about it TODAY.

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