Top 9 SEO solutions for your content strategy

In talking about your SEO or search engine optimisation solutions I always like to suggest things that you can do yourself. Some may be technical and if you are not comfortable with them don’t worry, just do the others, as they WILL make a difference.

This is why we are doing another one of our workshops on this very topic!

Think more of these SEO solutions as being SEM or search engine marketing. This is because the work you are doing is to market your site for the search engines. The more effort you put in, the more likely you are to have your site come up organically in search results on Google.

Home page title

Does your home page have a title or is it just home? Make sure that your home page has a relevant title as this affects your search results too. It needs to show what your business is about and not just be called HOME. It also cannot be too long, as the Google search result will not fit more than 70 characters or 40 if they are uppercase. If you have a website (e.g. WordPress with Yoast SEO plugin) this will allow you the access to change it yourself. If not, you may have to request this change through your website administrator.

1 long tail for each page

Each page of your website needs to have relevancy for just one line of keywords. Keep each page different with different keywords. This will help with your Google search results, as then there will be no repetition through your site. Google does not want to see the same thing twice!

Do not stuff each page

Do not stuff each of the pages with your keywords – such a bad and obvious look, and it makes you sound like a crazy person. Instead use them in the titles, Meta description and once or twice on the page; only if it makes sense.

Instead of more keywords: You can insert some synonyms of your keywords throughout the text to continue the relevancy for your readers.

Quality and Quantity

Is your content filled with quality and not just quantity? Will people see it as link worthy and want to share it with their audience? This is what you need to think of each and every time you hit the publish button of your content.

Social usage

Do you have a community via various social medias and does it lead people back to your site? Search engines know where people came from to find your site. What is your social usage like? Does it lead people back to your website? Is it part of the overall marketing plan for your business?

Never use someone else’s content without giving credit

Is your content unique? Perhaps you gain ideas from what others have written; it should never be an exact copy though. After all there are no new ideas only new ways of perceiving the information.

Why has the user come?

What is the reason behind the user attending your site? Make sure that the intent behind the experience matches. What do your clients want and need and how are you going to give it to them? This will maximise the user experience.

Are you time poor?

SEO is not a one-time thing; it has to be part of a content marketing strategy long term. You have to decide if you have time or not. If not you need to outsource to a reputable business that can help you. When choosing a business ensure they make you feel comfortable. Do they provide everything you are looking for? Are they able to deliver you with ongoing metrics, as to the improvements their work is making? Do they make promises that feel too good to be true? Hopefully you can gain a referral from someone but if not, do your homework before making a decision.


Where are you? If you are area specific how do people know that? Make sure Google maps is part of your site and write relevant information like a blog or two about the areas/suburbs that you service.

Note: Don’t just stuff your site or footer of your site with suburbs; this is the old way of doing things.

If you require help with some or all of these items, please be in touch. Kelly Robinson

What are you doing to help your clients find you?

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