World class Bloggers use Content Marketing

If you are looking to climb the blogging ladder you need to observe what others do well and see how you can adapt and do it better yourself.

World-class bloggers – I am sure you have a few favorites that you already follow do certain things.


World-class bloggers are productive, they have a strategy and they stick to it.

They use systems to ensure that their blogs are planned out well in advance.

They research key industry-specific information, ideas and what people are looking for.


World-class bloggers are advised, they know who to ask for help and they get it. To begin with this may just be your partner or close friend but it all helps.

They use good design to allow the reader the ease to enjoy their blog.

They use a proofreader to ensure they are writing without type errors.

They often use a copy editor to improve their writing and repair any mistakes along the way.

They also employ the efforts of someone who knows how to present the blog with correct formatting, Meta data, images and more.

Digital Knowhow

World class Bloggers use Content Marketing, they understand that people are reading their blog because it has the answers they are looking for.

They explore the benefits of what they offer via their blog and their followers become loyal, as they know this is the go to place.


World-class bloggers have routine, and they know that this is one of the keys to success.

They know that routine works with their content marketing efforts.

They know that consistency in this routine is key to the building of their loyal followers.

They know that their blog is their job, it is their livelihood and it must be treated as such.


World-class bloggers use a schedule and stick to it well in advance.

They don’t leave their blog to the last minute and have to scramble for something to write.

They use a schedule to ensure that the creativity spark is always there.

They know that my blogging at least weekly their customer acquisition will be higher.

They know that daily blogs will achieve the highest results.


World-class bloggers know that creativity is not always available.

They know that for them the best time to write maybe in the morning but their best ideas come when they are in the shower.

They know that sometimes creativity strikes when you least expect (when distracted) and they have to quickly note it down somewhere.

They know that morning people are better at problem-solving in the evening.

They know that night people are better at problem-solving in the morning.


World-class bloggers have habits, plans, routines, knowledge and drive to take their business further.

If you are more structured you can achieve the same results or better.

Do one thing today to make your blog more successful and improve your content marketing knowledge.

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