Facebook Advertising that works for Small Business

Effective and affordable social media advertising for your Small Business

From as little as $5 per day to get in front of your ideal clients*

Facebook Advertising Australia

Are you wondering about advertising on Facebook but just don’t know where to begin?

At My Sassy Business, we know that Facebook advertising works and it is the only place where you can specifically target your ideal clients and ensure your advertising is in front of your ideal clients.

You can choose between the below plans or just speak with us about your desired outcome and we can work on the best offer for you and how that will fit into your budget.

Facebook advertising is affordable internet advertising to direct people to your website, to subscribe, to buy now, to call and more.

Facebook Advertising Works for Small Business

It is the most specific and yet affordable way to get in front of the clients that you want and need for your business.

Choose the demographics of your audience – Choose the location of your audience – Choose the message for your audience

*Note: $5 per day is the direct advertising cost, creation and management of the ad will be $250 for 1 month.