3 Steps to Personal Strength


Ensure that you are strong enough to face your small business challenges.



3 Steps to Personal Strength – At My Sassy Business we know that if the business owner is not as strong and sassy as they can be then the business will experience unnecessary troubles.

This workbook looks at identifying any weaknesses and turning them around for the long-term success of your business. You are provided with simple tools that you can work through to make yourself stronger.

Through the use of these simple three steps, you can ensure that you are the strong and sassy business owner that you need to be. It is going to take work and honesty from your side too but once you know where you are heading then “There are no problems, only projects to work on”. This workbook is designed to help people who want to help themselves be the best they can be. You will have tasks to follow and over time your strength and courage will increase so that you have personal strength to carry yourself and your business forward.

“Be the best you can be”

3 Steps to Personal Strength can be used by anyone to identify areas in yourself that you can work on and improve today. This simple and inexpensive workbook will help you to move forward and on your journey.

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