Financial Fundamentals for Small Business


Improve your financial skills and knowledge with Financial Fundamentals for Small Business.



Financial Fundamentals for Small Business is the ideal workbook for people starting out in business and for people looking to improve their financial skills and knowledge.

This workbook is a vital beginning for those entrepreneurs wanting to have the financial fundamentals for small business as part of their tool kit of being self employed. Knowing your financials inside and out will give you a chance of a much higher success rate as you know where each and every dollar is coming from and where it needs to got to.

Financial Fundamentals for Small Business has been written in plain easy to understand terms that will allow you to become financially capable in your small business. Below are the areas covered:

Part One – The Fundamental Numbers

What is financial management?

How do I set financial goals and outcomes?

How do I prepare a budget?

What is Cost of Sales and what are Expenses?

Cash flow management

Business Budgets – an important tool to manage your small business finances

You will be able to set up your own business budget, even if you have never done a budget before.

Review a budget

Create own budget

Learn why financial management is important

Part Two – Cash flow and Profitability

Ways to improve profitability

How to generate more cash flow in your small business

Cash flow projections – ensure there’s money coming in the door

Part Three – Bringing the Numbers to your Real Life Business

Business Structures – pros and cons of having the right corporate structure

What reports make most sense for your business?

What to ask your bookkeeper

What to ask your accountant

Live intuitive data – managing your numbers in real time


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