Strategic Marketing Plan 1 page 1 day


This marketing plan can be written via one page and in one day.



Strategic marketing plan 1 page 1 day – My Sassy Business has developed a marketing plan that can be written via one page and in one day.

It can be used for an entire business (start-up or existing) or just for an idea you are working on within an existing business.

You can quickly get your ideas on paper and know how or if you are going proceed further with this idea. Upon writing this plan you may decide that you need to make changes along the way or come up with something different all together.

A plan does not have to be complicated and this template allows you to create a simple easy to follow series of steps to market your product or service in the market place. Strategic marketing plan 1 page 1 day means that you can easily take time out of your busy week to see how your idea looks on paper and it is much cheaper than implementing it first.

My Sassy Business knows that as business owners you don’t have time to sit and write a 50 page document, so in just one page you can create a simple to follow plan for yourself or an employee to follow in your business.

At just $5.00  you can’t go wrong with this 1 page strategic marketing plan.

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