10 SEO tactics you can implement

Search engine optimization is not all wizardry and mystical practice that no one can do?

Here are 10 that you can do today

1) Add more content

This means everywhere – you need to be delivering content to your audience EVERYWHERE. Your Website, Social Media, Newsletters, Blogs, Emails, Brochures, Guest Posts, Interviews and anywhere else that is relevant to your ideal client base.

2) Social media sites

Yes, you need to be on social media and yes it is relevant to your SEO results. It is another way that your audience can find you and you can drive traffic to your business. Facebook & Twitter

3) Links from your email signature

Firstly – If you don’t have an email signature, you need one. This signature should have links to your website, social media and anywhere else that you would want your contacts to go to.

4) It is about the reader

Everything that you produce MUST be targeted to your ideal clients. It is not about telling them how wonderful you are it is about sharing your knowledge, just enough to get them interested in what you are selling.

5) High volume focus keywords

When you are researching your key terms you are looking for terms that are search by lots of people. This shows Google that your site is producing new and relevant content that lot’s of people want and need to find.

6) What are your customers’ pain points

When you put your business out into the world you need to show how you are solving the pain points that your customers experience today and potentially in the future.

7) Mobile responsive website

If you haven’t updated your website recently, chances are that it is not mobile responsive. You will be penalized in the Google search results, which will hurt all your other SEO efforts.

8) Is your website easy to use

When customers visit your site, can they easily find what they are looking for? Just like being mobile responsive, if people cannot navigate with ease, they will go elsewhere.

9) Does your content give answers

While covering the pain points of your customers do you also give them the answers they need – Price of product or service, delivery fees, return policy etc.

10) Constant improvement

You must be constantly improving your business practice, customer services, website content, produced content. Nothing in small business is ever set and forget, you must do more to keep moving forward.

So in concluding, whether you do one or all these tips you will be making a difference to your small business and the potential to grow. If you need help implementing any of these or would like some more help in general, I would love to hear from you.

10 seo Tactics