Facts help you rank on Google

It is only natural that we all want our website to rank on page one of Google, every time a potential clients searches.

Google wants its clients to be able to find exactly what they are looking for as quickly as possible.

So how do you ensure your website will be loved by Google?

Google loves facts

Each and every time you are adding information to your site it must be factual and relevant to your target audience. The creation of new, targeted and relevant information on your site via a blog will help in Google recognising your site.

By including facts you know to be true that provide answers to your clients problems, will ultimately help you to rank better within Google search results.

The Knowledge Vault

Google, over the years, has been growing its “Knowledge Vault”. The Knowledge Vault holds the Internets facts of both public and somewhat private information. Part of Google’s algorithm is going to be utilising this vault to help to rank more honest and relevant information. Each site will have a knowledge bank trust score. Any information that may be contrary to the knowledge vault can see your site bumped down the rankings. This is the way of getting rid of the fact-free garbage that floods the Internet daily. (Note – At the time of writing this blog it had not yet been implemented.)

Knowledge Vault has pulled in 1.6 billion facts to 2014. Of these, 271 million are rated as “confident facts”, to which Google’s model ascribes a more than 90% chance of being true. It does this by cross-referencing new facts with what it already knows. (Newscientist.com)

Creating links

Currently Google places importance on the number of incoming links that a site has pointing to it as to how it ranks. It uses this proxy to determine where the ranking of the site will be in the search results. You may be familiar with the idea that you need to generate links to and from your site!

Purely by being an authority in your niche people will want to share your information via their sites and this will inturn create links back to your site! It is vital that your link creation is organic and genuine as if you have a whole series of bad links from dodgy spam sites you are likely to gain a Google penalty – You do not want a Google penalty.

Naturally there is no sure fire way to guarantee that Google will love your site but there are many best practice ways that you achieve to help the process.

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