Hiring an SEO company

The first thing to emphasize is to choose carefully and naturally I am sure you always think this way, SEO is no different.

There are a lot of companies selling some form of SEO and they are all selling something different. The key is finding the one that will match your expectations and help your business to gain ground in the search results online.

What do you want from the SEO Company?

When you are outsourcing you have the choice of:

SEO consultants – Smaller and perhaps an individual in business, perhaps more cost effective, but not necessarily.

SEO agencies – Larger with many processes in place and perhaps will be charging a substantial rate of thousands per month.

Know that high prices don’t always equal high quality just as lower prices don’t always equal lower quality.

Don’t choose the company:

  • That guarantees page one or guarantees you certain things, there are no guarantees with SEO.
  • That baffles you with bull and tells you they know Google’s algorithm, no one know it except Google.
  • That has an unclear pricing structure

Do choose the company:

  • That follows Google’s best practices
  • That provides you with the honest answers you need
  • That comes up with a plan for your business using on page, off page and technical SEO as required.
  • That provides you with a pricing structure you can afford and will get you results.
  • That has knowledge of how to tie this work into your other marketing strategies.

Remember that SEO can be a long-term investment and this is regardless of the budget you have. It is not something that you just do and forget about and it should be in conjunction with your other marketing and content strategies.

If you would like to discuss your SEO needs with someone who also understands small business, this is where My Sassy Business is different. Contact Kelly for consultation to see how she can help your business to get found.