How I Drive Traffic to My Site

It is vital to me that I have a substantial amount of traffic going to my website on a daily basis.

As my regular followers and my clients will know I am very active across social media and the ones that I have chosen are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +. Yes it is vital that you choose the social media that you ideal clients are also choosing. Make sure you follow me across these channels too.

For My Sassy Business I find that people subscribe to my mailing list and get a taste of what I can offer. From here they then take a Free 30 minute session before deciding to use my one to one service. A little try before you buy.

How do your clients take the journey to doing business with you?


Prior to the creation of my website I thought of and created content that I knew my audience (My ideal clients) were looking for. I researched and chose a company that I knew would build me a website which was both user friendly and SEO responsive. Pixel Fish were able to create and build me a site that would grow as I grew and offer me plenty of support along the way.

My content has evolved and grown over time, your website should not be a set and forget site, it must grow with you. Regularly take time to review it and plan to refresh it after 2 years.

Sign up for Google Analytics so that you can review and monitor your traffic for the long term.


I have new and evergreen content posted everyday to various platforms. These include:

My Sassy Business

My Sassy Business Blog

My Sassy Business Newsletter – Monthly





Other websites, Legal Vision, Pixel Fish, Mark My Words Trademarks and more, as a guest contributor blogger including a regular one at North Shore Mums to share business advice. I have contributed to a book about online marketing, and continue to look for like-minded professionals to share with. I also regularly participate on the Small Business forums of Flying Solo. Lastly I participate in a number of Facebook groups and Google + communities.

Yes I write and create all this content myself and I recommend that my clients also do as much as they can themselves. If however, you are going to outsource, ensure they know you and your business to provide you with the best service. As part of My Sassy Business I am going to be offering this to my clients as we understand your business fully and know what it needs online. So if you are looking to outsource social media or blog writing – please be in touch. From just $269 per month you will have daily posts across Facebook.


You must be consistent, not just for the short term – Long-term consistency is the key to your online presence being a success. So ongoing you must develop a plan and this is something that My Sassy Business can help you with. You plan must cover every possible opportunity for your business to be seen by your ideal clients as this is the traffic you are trying to drive.

Future Plans

My future plans remain the same at this stage as this currently drives a fair amount of traffic to my site. I will include some paid advertising on a small scale, as I do tend to do as much as I can for little or no cost first.

What are your plans to drive traffic to your site – Are you doing enough?

Contact me if you need help with a specific strategy for your business.