How to do off page local SEO

Many people think of SEO as being something that only techie, developers can do. This used to be the case and thank goodness it isn’t any more.

I have written previous blogs about on page SEO and how you can do this yourself for your small business website. This can be very effective and make a large difference to the traffic you receive.

In this blog I wanted to discuss off page and local SEO. This type of SEO is very relevant for most business but particularly for those businesses that need local trade.

This type of SEO creates awareness for your brand in the public eye. The follow is a list for you to work on and through for your business.

Google my Business

If you have not as yet created your Google plus page, then do it today. It is a wonderful social media designed specifically by Google. It is great for local business listings, customer reviews and interaction with your followers.

Local listings and directories

There are an endless supply of business directories, make sure that you choose ones who are professional like True Local. You don’t need to pay anything for your listing but naturally you can upgrade if you wish to. Local people search for a business via Google will see results from sites like these, as their authority is very high.

Social Networks

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and many more. Make sure that you choose the ones that your ideal clients are also using. If you need a strategy for this we can definitely help you.

N-A-P check

Name, Address and Phone number – make sure that these are correct in all the places that your business details can be found. Go searching and make sure you have it covered correctly with the latest information.

Local press

Your local papers and publications may be interested in your business when you have something new and exciting happening.

Review others

Add your review of businesses that you use in the local area and ask people to review you. The more reviews that you have the better you are represented in the search results. Reviews can be left on True Local, Google +, WoMo and a few others too. Again send people to the popular sites as they have the Google authority.

Search engine optimisation is just that, you are trying to optimise your chances for showing up early in the search results.

Naturally if you are looking for help in any of these areas please be in touch for a one to one session so I can show you how off page local SEO can benefit your business.

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