Is SEO worth the investment?

Yes – No – Unsure

I am sure that the simple act of being in business provides you with many questions! There are also a lot of businesses, nearly 50% that still don’t have a website so this question is not relevant to them.

If you are reading on, chances are that you have a website and you are hoping to have people find your website and then do business with you. Otherwise what is the point of having a website – right!

SEO or search engine optimization, for some, can be a bit of a mystical unicorn. A lot of SEO providers would like you to think that this is what it is too; some dark and mysterious work that only some can do.

Google even provides guides on what they recommend so; it is not mystical in its form, it is not far out of reach and it can be affordable.

Perhaps Surprisingly – Search engine optimization can be done by anyone including the average person. However – Is it going to be done well, is it going to make a difference, is it going to attract visitors to your website?

I know that I have probably given you more questions before answers, and the simple part is that SEO is very practical. In it’s simplest form it is about giving your customers what they are looking for.

Let be clear though, SEO is not Google Adwords, this can be a part of your marketing and optimizing but it is not what SEO is.

So – Is SEO worth the investment?

You can pay anything from $275 per month to more than $1000 + per month, to big business who are spending millions each month.

You can do it yourself and this will cost you time from your business. You may spend days doing something that will only take hours or minutes for a professional to do correctly.

Why choose a professional?

For an affordable monthly fee you can gain additional visits to your website which should be then converted to sales. Effectively multiplying the potential you have to grow your business.

These visits to your website should grow your business and see you busy doing what you love doing, which probably isn’t SEO.

You can calculate the investment over 6 or 12 months and see, via Google Analytics, that your website traffic has increased.


I can’t tell you if you should or shouldn’t outsource your SEO. What I can tell you is that you want someone:

  • Who you can trust
  • Who does the work locally
  • Who doesn’t make crazy promises (Google is ultimately in control)
  • Who provides you with an affordable option
  • Who has other happy customers
  • Who understands business and particularly your business

Due to high demand My Sassy Business offers this service and like all other services provided it is affordable. All prices are on the digital marketing page and there should be one that fits your budget.