Top 10 SEO content marketing tips for your Blog – My Sassy Business

Do the following tips and your blog will gain far better rankings in the future! It goes without saying that your content must be interesting but try to add the following:

–         Have your keyword close to the front of the title

–         Keep your title under 72 characters in length

–         Include a meta description to help with your SEO

–         Keep your blog posts at around 300 words

–         Bold the first of the key words

–         Include keyword in a bulleted list within your blog

–         Keyword to be repeated 15 times of a 300 word copy or 5%

–         Links to other pages early in content

–         Links at every 120 words

–         Links to both your site and others

If you use the above SEO content marketing tips your rankings will benefit. These tips are what the experts are using to get their blogs found in Googles search tool.

Blogging is a fantastic way to expose your clients to your knowledge as an expert in your field. When using the 10 SEO content marketing tips above you will have a better chance of increasing your readership as people can find you easier.

It is also recommended that you are producing a blog post on a weekly basis to keep your readers interested but not overwhelmed with information. The best way for you to stay on top of all these blogs will be to write several in one day. Firstly come up with your titles and then sit and write as many as you can. If your website has the function available I would also recommend scheduling these blog posts. Completing your blog in this way may mean that you are only writing once each month.

How are your new blog posts going to work better now you have a few tips?

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