What is local SEO – What is local search engine optimization? If you have a business that is based in one location (store front) or you only service a particular area, then you need local SEO for/on your website.

In the old days of SEO, you could stuff your website backend, and front end with long lists of suburbs, and this made a difference. Not today!

Local SEO means that you are being very specific to your local target audience. When someone from this audience types something specific into Google your page has a high chance of showing up early in the search results. Just like every other piece of content you produce, back end SEO, marketing materials and more you must speak directly to your ideal client.

Mobile search

You must consider that a large amount of your local customers will be searching on their mobile devices.

If by now you still don’t have a mobile responsive website – you will be missing out on potential clients and perhaps existing clients who can’t find your site.

Google is penalizing sites that are not mobile responsive by showing mobile responsive sites first in the results.

Local suburbs via a landing page

Your landing page must include the following:

  • Address and map of the location or service area
  • Neighbourhood, building or community of the business
  • Local contact information and phone numbers
  • Opening hours
  • Directions and parking availability
  • Conversation to your ideal clients who are searching

It can also include:

  • Local information, community relevant information or events
  • Local testimonials that show suburb/state
  • A video walk through of the store
  • Staff that operate from that location
  • Services you are delivering at that location

Remember that you don’t need more than one site to have a landing page specific to that site. Be cautious not to state that you are storefront located in places that you are not located. Your other locations need legitimate connections.

Businesses with multiple locations should have landing pages for each of those sites. Your content on each of these pages must be unique to that area.

Can your staff get involved in the local community and you can then talk about it on your site? This is a great way to connect to your community and show up in local search results.

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