What is SEO for Small business?

This is one of the most often asked questions of late. I have seen it on forums, my clients are asking and it is a topic of conversation among other small business owners. What I love is that there is so much you can do for yourself before you even begin to think about outsourcing.

The next question is what can I do myself to improve the results of my website without spending a fortune to do so?

It is vital that all small business owners realise that search engine optimisation (SEO) is a combination of things.

There is:

  • The website that your business operates
  • The content on that site
  • The technical backend
  • Your social media
  • The directories where you are listed
  • The other websites you are linked
  • The websites you are linked from
  • And more

Doing some or all of these things can make a real difference to your small business and your search results on Google.

So, SEO for Small Business

As a part of my regular business advice I am often giving SEO advice, this has lead me to create an affordable program of small business SEO. I do this as a structured program, which includes reports, recommendations, worksheets, client avatars and much more.

It is important, as with any aspect of your business, that you take a structured approach. This can be as simple as creating a calendar of the work that you need to do, want to do and plan to do.

As part of your combination of SEO tasks

An example is producing the content for your site or for your blog posts; this can be successfully done yourself, so long as you know how to maximise it for SEO effectiveness. If you follow some simple rules and think about the key words you are using this will ultimately make a large difference to your results.

The blogs that are written and published by My Sassy Business are optimised for search results and help with our ranking on Google.

If your website is a WordPress site (like ours) there are wonderful free and paid plugin’s available which will maximise the SEO efforts you can do in the backend.

Social media is a search engine of its own and when your Facebook and Twitter profiles are optimised they may appear in the results before your website does. This is because sites like these have the maximum domain authority available.

TIP: It is vital with social media that you have a structured approach to posting and engaging with your audience.

Ensure that your business is listed in professional and legitimate directories that are relevant to your business will also help with you ranking well in search results.

Links, to and from your site must be from legitimate sources as this improves your results too. If you are linked to dodgy or spam sites this can cause you to be penalised by Google, so be careful. Receiving a link from a highly popular site can have wonderful returns for your business!

If you are going to outsource your SEO, having the knowledge of what you want and what you expect can drastically improve what results you achieve. You are less likely to be taken advantage of as you have an understanding of what you will be requiring from a professional SEO business.

Outsourcing by employing a copywriter who has an understanding of SEO is vital for the success of your site and any blogs that you have them writing. Make sure you ask the right questions and ask for their previous proven results.

In finishing, know that a little bit of knowledge can go a long way to improving your results of being found online. Let Kelly Robinson and My Sassy Business help you to make a difference in your business today.

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