Worst SEO advice ever given – Have a read through the top 5 worst SEO advice ever given, that I have heard recently!

Just cut and past from someone else’s information

Believe it or not someone had given a business owner advice to do this, just cut and paste from another site and add it to your site. Crazy stuff!

If you cut and paste from someone else’s site you lose you uniqueness instantly. There is nothing wrong with researching and learning about what other people are writing, just don’t cut and paste their story.

Google is smart enough to figure it out!

Your content marketing strategy should not include this idea. If you are an expert in your field it should not be difficult to come up with your own information!

List every suburb in the footer of your site

This was the old way of SEO, so that your business appeared in search results. This idea is ugly and Google will not reward you, as it is not relevant.

The smart way to highlight suburbs or areas now is to write a blog post about it. If you are targeting an area, write about why this area is relevant. For example: Dog walking Northern Beaches. You may write a blog about some statistics or the best parks in the area.

Headlines don’t matter

The H1 or headline can be the most important part of your work. This is the reason that people will or won’t read on. According to Copy Blogger 80% of people read a headline but only 20% read the entire content. This sure tells me that headlines matter!

Think up your headlines utilizing words that people are searching for and will be interested in reading about. Another terrible tactic is making the headline something that is enticing, but then the content is not about what the headline suggested. It makes people crazy!

The readability doesn’t matter just stuff it with keywords

Yet another error, keyword stuffing just makes your copy unreadable and boring. You want to engage people and have them spend time on your site. If your copy is boring it will not be satisfying to the reader and they will move on to another site. Remember that Google looks at the bounce rate. Make sure you link to other pages within your site and keep the reader interested in what you have to offer.

Use fancy big words

If you are looking to use big words, ask yourself; are they words that people are using to search for things? If people are not using these words to search then you should not either. One of the smartest things you can do is make your site friendly and readable to a wide range of people. Utilising words that few people will understand or will use is just pointless and silly.

Always think about your target audience and make it easy to read and relevant for those people. Read our recent blog about why you need to know about SEO.

These are 5 that I have heard – What have you heard or seen that is terrible? Perhaps you have your own disaster story to tell.

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