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Who really uses Customer Reviews

Who really uses customer reviews – Many think that reviews are almost pointless as there is never a bad review shared on anyone’s product or service. However, this is simply not the case at all anymore given the world of the internet.

Generating a Call to Action

Generating a call to action – Just think about how long it takes and how difficult it is to get a new customer or client. You manage to get them to go to your website and they end up losing interest because your website didn’t tell them what to do – There was no call to action!

Are you Google ready

Are you Google ready – This is not a new thing, Google has been adapting its algorithm for several years, so, and everyone has had time to make the updates.

Winning Blog Topic Ideas you can use Today

Winning Blog Topic, Ideas you can use today – In this blog, I want to give you ideas that will improve your blog or get you started publishing a blog. Remember that a blog can add to your existing marketing strategy or it can be a stand-alone business.

Are you listening

Are you listening – When you can truly listen and provide solutions to their problems or pain that is when they will want to work with you.

Ignore SEO at your own Peril

Ignore SEO at your own Peril – The success or failure of a small business has many factors. Many factors can contribute to success, and many can contribute to failure.

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