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Doing Social Media the Right Way

Doing Social Media the Right Way – Social Media remains one of the best ways to engage with your audience. Done well, social media can grow your business and your bottom line.

Are you Google worthy

Are you Google worthy? If you ask almost anyone, they will say they use Google. I know that personally when I want to do research for anything, it is the first place I go to.

Why Micro Business are the New Black

Why micro business are the new black – These types of businesses operate on a small scale with small overheads and aim to offer a small need or range. Generally, they will be owned and operated by one person. You may have noticed many of these types of businesses popping up everywhere.

10 Reasons why your Website is Killing you

10 Reasons why your website is killing you – To say that small business NEED to have a website is pretty standard. However, did you know that the average life of a website is only 2 years!

How to get more Inbound Leads

How to get more Inbound Leads – Marketing is never an easy task; there is no one size fits all approach. A smart digital marketer creates a different approach for each and every client they have.

How to add Value with Social Media

How to add value with social media – Love it or hate it, social media for both business and personal accounts are here to stay. Brands both BIG and small are regularly using social media to enhance their true and perceived value direct to their clients.

How Boring is your Blog

How boring is your blog – Is there only the sound of crickets each time you publish a blog? Are your blog statistics only in single digits as it is only you and your family who read your blog? Could you use a few tips to improve things?

Office Inspiration

Office Inspiration – My Sassy Business has introduced an Instagram account and the office inspo photos are very popular with our followers. Join us on Instagram @mysassybusiness_

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