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Do you need a privacy policy

Do you need a privacy policy – Perhaps the thought of getting a privacy policy for your business doesn’t inspire you as much as actually running the business does. While it’s not illegal to be without a privacy policy, this article will explain why it’s in your best interests to have one.

Content marketing isn’t dead

Content marketing isn’t dead – Remember that people are searching online via their computer or mobile device for the answers they need! How is your business going to be found by the people looking for what you have on offer?

Tips for staying secure online

Tips for staying secure online – We are always surprised when we see others get scammed but it is incredibly easy to get caught out. Many of us think ‘this wouldn’t happen to me’ but the scammers are smart and they know how to manipulate so you need to always be aware. If you are unsure just say no!

Google is 20 years old

Google is 20 years old – It will over the next 20 years continue to change how we search online. Google remains focussed on the USER and providing you with the answers you are looking for. They want to you get the highest quality information as quickly as possible and this will continue.

Social Media know how

Social Media know how – How is your Social Media know how? I don’t just mean what you know but if you outsource it, what do they know? If you are not managing your social media accounts yourself you need someone who understands your business.

What is the lifetime value of your customer

What is the lifetime value of your customer – There are various methods to acquire a new customer and some will cost more than others. You want to choose several methods that convert your prospects into clients quickly. Plus you also want to choose several so that you are covering many areas of marketing.

Are your SEO tactics out of date

Are your SEO tactics out of date – There are MANY SEO providers and many business owners who do SEO themselves, still using old-fashioned and out of date tactics.

How to avoid bad debts

How to avoid bad debts – If you do not have terms IN WRITING and agreed to PRIOR to the debt being incurred then you have no terms at all. Simply sending an invoice with your terms written on it is not good enough, the debt has already been incurred so at this point it is already too late.

Testimonials – Expectation vs Reality

Testimonials are a great way to add credibility to your business but they are not the only way. Remember that people can be sceptical and if you have hundreds of over the top reviews they may look fake – even if they are genuine.

How to market to Baby Boomers

How to market to Baby Boomers – Are Baby Boomers your ideal clients or do they form a part of your ideal client marketing targets? Overwhelmingly the social platform of choice for this age bracket. Facebook has reported that in some cases over 90% of their content engagement is with Baby Boomers.

B2B success on Social Media

B2B success on Social Media – Many businesses have a preconceived idea that social media is only for businesses who sell to consumers. This simply is not true! Social media is the perfect platform for B2B marketing and the perfect place to acquire new business customers.

The cost of SEO

The cost of SEO – SEO can boost your website traffic which then gives you the opportunity to convert those people into clients. How much you spend on SEO is entirely up to you!

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