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How to avoid bad debts

How to avoid bad debts – If you do not have terms IN WRITING and agreed to PRIOR to the debt being incurred then you have no terms at all. Simply sending an invoice with your terms written on it is not good enough, the debt has already been incurred so at this point it is already too late.

Testimonials – Expectation vs Reality

Testimonials are a great way to add credibility to your business but they are not the only way. Remember that people can be sceptical and if you have hundreds of over the top reviews they may look fake – even if they are genuine.

How to market to Baby Boomers

How to market to Baby Boomers – Are Baby Boomers your ideal clients or do they form a part of your ideal client marketing targets? Overwhelmingly the social platform of choice for this age bracket. Facebook has reported that in some cases over 90% of their content engagement is with Baby Boomers.

B2B success on Social Media

B2B success on Social Media – Many businesses have a preconceived idea that social media is only for businesses who sell to consumers. This simply is not true! Social media is the perfect platform for B2B marketing and the perfect place to acquire new business customers.

The cost of SEO

The cost of SEO – SEO can boost your website traffic which then gives you the opportunity to convert those people into clients. How much you spend on SEO is entirely up to you!

Mobile trends you can use

Mobile trends you can use – Chances are as you read this blog your mobile phone is close by or you may even be reading this on your mobile. More and more we are all relying on our mobile phones to deliver all our information.

Choosing the perfect business name

Choosing the perfect business name – What are the goals that you have for your business, both long term and short term? Try to remember your business has to speak to your ideal clients it is not just a gallery about you.

Social Media live trend

Social Media live trend Are you struggling to stay up to date with the constant changes in Social Media? How do you feel about the options of “Going live” across your social channels? Why do you use social media? Increase your brand's awareness Engage with your...

E-commerce Secret Weapon

E-commerce Secret Weapon – The feeling of excitement can be dulled pretty quick if the packaging is poor or the excitement can be lifted even further if the packaging is amazing. We also tend to tell someone about great packaging or an unexpected inclusion.

The SEO benefits of blogging

The SEO benefits of blogging – For any business, a blog is a great way to connect with your audience and to help them to engage with your business. The added benefit is that it is also great for SEO and building your online reputation.

6 Tips for Business to Business Marketing

6 Tips for Business to Business Marketing – Marketing is often the most difficult thing that a small business has to do. Most small business operators are not marketing professionals and nor do they want to be marketing professionals. Perhaps they have done marketing in the corporate work with big budgets and thinks that it can translate to small business.

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