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How to generate leads and make sales

How to generate leads and make sales – By having a variety of lead generating tactics you can see which ones work for your business and which ones don’t. Plus you get to spread the exposure of your business across a variety of areas.

How to drive your brands growth

How to drive your brands’ growth – Now is the time to take a long term view of your business. Far too many small business owners look at the short term and expect magic overnight results. This is often highly unrealistic and can set the business and marketing efforts up for failure.

Fine tune your social media

Fine tune your Social Media – Social Media is busier than ever for both brands and for consumers. How do you ensure that you are not just another face in a crowded place?

SEO into 2019 and beyond

SEO into 2019 and beyond – Welcome to 2019 and another year of small business. Working hard to grow your business and trying to make sure you are doing as much as you can each week. Regardless of your goals for your business, you should always be improving what you are doing.

Showing your prices online

Showing your prices online – Assuming you have a great pricing strategy you should have no problem sharing it with your audience and anyone else who stops by your website.

How voice search drives local business

How voice search drives local business – If you are in business, surely you want your business to be one of the ones to show up in the results of someone’s search. The question is how do you do that?

How to improve your website conversions

How to improve your website conversions – Are you getting traffic to your website but they are not converting into sales? Many times we work very hard on getting people to our websites but our websites are not set up for conversions.

Don’t fail with Social Media

Don’t fail with Social Media – Love it or hate it social media continues to grow. If you are still not embracing it as a tool in your business you are seriously missing out on its potential. 3 in 5 small to medium businesses gain new customers through social media.

Do you need a privacy policy

Do you need a privacy policy – Perhaps the thought of getting a privacy policy for your business doesn’t inspire you as much as actually running the business does. While it’s not illegal to be without a privacy policy, this article will explain why it’s in your best interests to have one.

Content marketing isn’t dead

Content marketing isn’t dead – Remember that people are searching online via their computer or mobile device for the answers they need! How is your business going to be found by the people looking for what you have on offer?

Tips for staying secure online

Tips for staying secure online – We are always surprised when we see others get scammed but it is incredibly easy to get caught out. Many of us think ‘this wouldn’t happen to me’ but the scammers are smart and they know how to manipulate so you need to always be aware. If you are unsure just say no!

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