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Why you Should use Google Plus

Why you should use Google plus for your small business and ensure that it is part of your overall marketing and business strategy! In this blog we outline the benefits of this as a social media tool plus the additional benefits of becoming a Google business customer.

To Tweet or not To Tweet

To Tweet or not To Tweet – This is the question, asked by so many of my clients. Here are some ways that you can get started with your twitter account and decide if twitter is for you and your business.

Pinterest for Business

Pinterest for Business – The momentum for this social media is building rapidly and it is having a brilliant success rate for those businesses that are using it well.

How to grow your list of Subscribers

How to grow your list of subscribers – This is a question most small business owners try to figure out and to understand so I though that writing this blog may be able to provide you with some ideas.

How to use your Business Plan

How to use your business plan – your business plan, regardless of its size should be a fluid document. What this means is that you must add to it, delete stuff on it and review it on a regular basis.

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