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Are you lacking the small business knowledge you need? This may be on one area or many? Perhaps you need someone to bounce ideas, keep you on track or just be able to help you when you need.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have experience with my type of business?

Kelly has both personal and professional experience with a multitude of business types. She knows that you are the expert in your type of business and doing the specific work required. All advice is made bespoke to your business and the specific goals that you have for your business.

Are the sessions private?

Yes all sessions are one to one and any information remains between My Sassy Business and the business owner. Non disclosure agreements can be signed if the client requires.

Are the fees refundable?

                          The fees are non-refundable.

How long do I have to use the sessions?

It is preferred that you use the sessions within 2 years, so to maintain the momentum of your business. There is however no specific expiry date for you to use the business advice sessions. They are not transferable if you decide to sell the business as we make the contract with the current owner.

How can I pay?

Brainstorm - In full prior to the session
Advice - In full upfront or over 3 payments of $550 + GST
Advice plus - In full upfront or over 6 payments of $550 + GST

What other services can you provide?

At My Sassy Business we can provide you with a complete digital marketing service. Have a look at our other services and prices for more information. Plus we can direct you to any other professionals you may need like accountants or lawyers.

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