18 Ways to Blog like a Superstar

Post frequently and consistently

If you are going to post weekly, keep it up, there is no point starting and then not being consistent. So monthly or fortnightly blogs need to be consistent too. Make sure you write in advance so you are not trying to come up with something on the day you are due to post.

Research your titles

Come up with the titles for your blogs first before you write them. Keep your relevant key terms towards the start of the title. Think of things that your ideal clients are searching for and write about those things.

Optimise your content

Make sure that you include the key terms and topics that are relevant to your title throughout your blog. This way of presenting will optimise your chances of being found online.

Select topics your readers want to learn about

You are not writing for yourself, you are writing for your ideal clients and the things that they want to learn about.

Be controversial

Write about the worst aspects of your industry or the worse things you have seen. This type of post elicits a curiosity for your ideal clients and may also help to attract new readers.

Use a casual language

Write in a manner that is easy to understand, use a plain type of English that you don’t need a degree to comprehend. This will increase your following and in turn your clientele.

Ask questions to invite discussion

Be topical and ask your readers to provide a response a suggestion or an opinion to what you are writing.

Include sub-headings

The use of sub-headings allows your readers to scan the document for relevancy. They can skip around areas that are interesting and decide what they would like to read.

Use bold on key points

Utilising the bold option means that you can highlight key points in your blog. You can bring the reader through the document and create emphasis where you need to.

Use quotes to emphasise

Quotes are another way to emphasise the points that you are trying to get across. It also gives your reader a way to scan and decide if they want to read the article or not.

Find a compelling image

If you have an image along side your blog make sure that it is interesting and relevant to your topic and your audience. Make sure it is your own or at least attribute ownership.

Consider video

A video is another way to share within your blog; it can be instead of or included as additional information. Make sure though that you look at the transcription of it as Google needs the words to rank you.

What about a podcast

Podcasts are also increasing in popularity. Is this something that you think your followers will enjoy?

Always respond to comments

When people have taken the time to comment, make sure that you also take the time to reply. They will then be more inclined to comment another time and others may also join in on the discussion.

Utilize internal links

Make sure that you include links to other internal pages of your site. These may be to other blogs, products or services. Have the link open in a fresh page so that your reader doesn’t lose where they are.

Consider a series of posts

Some topics can be written over several posts. This can create a high level of interest for your followers as they wait for the next post to be published.

Write evergreen blogs

Evergreen blogs or content is content that can be used again and again over time. The information remains relevant over a longer period and allows you to share it using different formats.

Look for trending topics

Daily across various media’s topics will trend. What this means is that the majority of the general public are looking at this topic and hence it is trending.


I hope that these 18 ideas give you something to add to your existing blog or if you are just beginning you have more than enough ideas to move ahead.

Naturally if you need help with any or all of these things, make sure you schedule in a session for your clarity. A brainstorm or vision planning session will get you moving forward today.

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