6 Marketing Strategies for your Small Business – The one thing that all small business needs to be proactive about is marketing!

You must have an effective content marketing strategy that will work for you and grow with your business.

Being strategic in your marketing plan is very important, by utilizing our one page plan, you can create a very specific breakdown of your marketing.

It is vital that several things are part of this plan:

  • Your client stream or streams are clearly defined – You know exactly whom you are marketing to and how to find them. Get more clients today
  • Your website is mobile responsive – This means that regardless of the device people are using they can view your site with ease.
  • Your communication is credible and trustworthy – It must come from the heart of your business, it must stay true to your small businesses personality.
  • Your social media presence is correct – You must being using the social media that your clients are also using. There is no point having your business visible somewhere your clients are not.
  • Your efforts are rewarded – Create strategic alliances with people who can refer business to you directly and that you can also refer business to them – a two way street.
  • Your networking is worthwhile – It is fine to try out all different types of networking events. The thing is don’t keep going to the ones that are not helping you to grow your business.

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Now I hear you saying – OMG I have not got time for all this work. That’s fine then, you must be happy and satisfied with the level of client base you have.

If you are not happy then it is time to get busy, find time and commit to marketing your business.

“Don’t just keep doing the same thing and expect a different result”

Outsourcing is very popular so perhaps you can outsource all or part of these suggestions. If you are not in a financial position to do so then finding time is your only alternative until you can afford to get some help.

“If nothing changes – nothing changes”

Don’t get me wrong – I KNOW, small business owners are the hardest working people around.

At My Sassy Business we aim to give you the tools to better manage and to grow your small business to a place that keeps you satisfied.

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