8 Ways to get new Clients Calling

You are in business or are planning to be, so how do you get people contacting you first! There are many things that you need to have in place so that people can find you, trust you and then do business with you.

Studies reveal that only 2% of sales occur following a 1st meeting!


Make sure your brand image is consistent across all your efforts, both on and offline.


A professional website will give you an online presence. This then gives people a window to look through as to your business and shows them an idea of what they can expect. It must be mobile responsive and be clearly representing your business value offering. Also, make time to review it on a regular basis and keep it up to date.

Online Directories

Having your business listed on a number of free reputable online directories like True Local increases your online visibility.

Social Media

Make sure you chose the ones that your clients are using and have a worthwhile presence. Don’t just join and then never post, you are better off not joining at all. From here you need to ensure that you have a plan and stick to it.

Networking Online

Participate in social media groups and industry relevant forums. This helps to spread your authority as an expert in the field you are in.

Networking Offline

Test out several until you feel comfortable in your chosen networking group or groups. There are heaps around and it can take time to find one you enjoy, but they are worthwhile.

Business Cards

Some people question the need for business cards, but they still have their place. How else to you pass on your details when/if you meet someone. Make sure though it is professional and consistent with the look and feel of your brand.


Letterbox drops are notoriously low in their effectiveness but they are relevant from some businesses. Make sure they are on point with your brand and show the benefits of your product or service. Have a designer


For a large majority of businesses blogging is a fantastic way to get your message out that you are an online authority. Lean how to produce these in a way that is SEO friendly and the title entices people to read it.

Now that you have all these ideas make sure that you are efficient with the working of them. Create a plan and stick to it, your potential clients will see you more often and that enables them to build trust in you and your brand.

I love it when I meet someone and they say, “Oh you’re My Sassy Business, I see your posts online”. This really makes me smile!

It is important to know that you have to have meaningful strategies in place to maintain top of mind with your ideal clients.

If you need help with any of this or help coming up with a strategy, contact Kelly at My Sassy Business today.

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