Are you a Solopreneur?

The term solopreneur is of course a blend of the adjective solo meaning ‘done by one person alone’ and the noun entrepreneur, which refers to someone who starts their own business and is good at spotting and securing the best business opportunities. Macmillan Dictionary

At My Sassy Business, the vast majority of our clients are solopreneurs and love being solo operators. Most have no interest in ever employing anyone and most likely will never need to.

Technology has been one the largest reasons for the rise in opportunity for solopreneurs to take off. It means than as an enterprising professional you don’t need an entire team just to launch a startup.

Here are some of the traits you may see in yourself or other solopreneurs, you don’t need them all, but some are very important to have.

Solopreneur Traits

An unwavering determination – Being a solopreneur you cannot be scared to fail, you will take each failure as a lesson and move forward. Your determination will see you get stronger with every rejection and build a resolve to succeed and reach your goals.

Creative thought process – Your business ideas will never take a straight line to success. Being creative will help you to stand out and be a little Sassy when you deliver your solopreneur message. Creativity will help you to stand out online and with the message that your business sends out into the world.

Passion – A love of the work you are doing will make it so much easier on a daily basis to achieve success. This passion will shine through when you talk about your business and deliver your pitch to someone. Not forgetting that if you love what you do, then you won’t have to work a day in your life.

Ambiguity tolerance – A day in the life of a solopreneur holds many unique challenges and you don’t always know what is coming next. By being versatile and able to handle anything that comes your way you will cope well as each new thing presents.

Tech Savvy – The solopreneur should have a great knowledge of technology, as it will make their working life much easier. From having a mobile office to using virtual assistants and allowing technology to be one of your employees to grow your business.

Courage and confidence – Having the courage to leave a paid job and go it on your own takes both courage and confidence. You may have to believe in yourself when no one else does and just keep going. It is also this courage and confidence that helps solopreneurs to try new things and lean out of their comfort zone.

Resourcefulness – Generally solopreneurs will run their business on a fairly small budget. This means that you have to be resourceful and use a variety of options to make your business happen. Using technology like apps on your phone, rather than hiring is just one of these resourceful things. Perhaps getting help from family and friends is another. Teaching yourself new things rather than paying someone to do it for you is another way the solopreneur is resourceful.

Organisation and Stability – Being organized is something a successful solopreneur needs to get a handle on early. Part of being an organized solopreneur means that you are available as and when your clients need you. By being stable, your clients can count on you and as a solopreneur there are no sick days either.

Extroversion or Introversion – Not every solopreneur is an extrovert! While being an extrovert can make things easier with networking and sharing the message about what you do, it is not essential. There are plenty of introverts who are solopreneurs. One aspect that benefits introverts is that they are happy to work alone whereas an extrovert often needs more people around.

Humbleness – Being confident is great but arrogance is not and it is not appreciated my many. Having humility or being humble allows you to see any flaws in your ideas and strive to make them better. Being humble you will listen to any feedback or constructive criticism and apply changes accordingly.

Ability to strategize and negotiate – By strategizing you can be a few steps ahead of your competitors. You can plan for the future and the years ahead in business. Part of this strategy is the ability to negotiate great deals and grow your business. Being a good negotiator can see you saving money as you negotiate better costs-per-unit or you negotiate various deals that benefit yourself.

Financial know how – Most solopreneurs use their own money to start up, so you want to make your dollar stretch as far as you can. Businesses always tend to take a little longer than planned to get financially stable so the more financially savvy you are the better. There are no winners when you go out of business because you didn’t watch your cash flow. Budgets, paying tax, bookkeeping and more are all part of being a solopreneur.

Sell ice to the Eskimo’s – To really get your business going you need to sell. This is the same for people selling a service or a product; you have to convince people about the value in buying what you have on offer.

A positive attitude – The ‘glass half full’ positive attitude will help you, particularly in the early days of your solo operation. A negative attitude will see any setbacks as a sign they should quit their solopreneur ride. A positive attitude will see a setback as a lesson and then learn from it and move forward.

Are you a solopreneur

So, in concluding, being a solopreneur is amazingly rewarding and can see you lead a happy and satisfying existence. As a solopreneur, don’t be scared to ask for help. You don’t have to know everything; you just have to be willing to learn. Seek professional advice as you need it and if you need a little accountability then a business coach can be just what you need. Other professionals like lawyers, accountants, bookkeepers, virtual assistants and more are all there to help the solopreneur succeed.

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