Are you Reactive or Proactive in your small business – Which one are you?

In business and particularly small business there may come a time when you are overrun with work.

Good problem to have – I hear you say!

It is vital however that during this time you are not purely just reactive to everything that is going on.

The problem with only being reactive is that things get missed. Phone calls are not taken, emails are not responded to, balls are dropped and your business is unable to perform at the highest level possible.

You probably find yourself saying, I haven’t got time for that, I can’t think straight! Perhaps it’s OMG I am so busy I can’t sleep, eat, blah, blah.

This however is the perfect time to take time out – Meditate, see your business adviser or mentor, go for a surf, just get clarity during this crazy time.

If you are now or you one day find yourself in this position it is important to sit back and come up with a plan out of the situation. You need this plan to be detailed and to illustrate just how you are going to go about it.

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Take the following steps immediately or at some point in your business future. This is being proactive!

Step 1

Evaluate the workload – are you actually busy or are you simply disorganised!

Step 2

If you are busy, see what you can outsource – or perhaps you can insource some help if it will only be required short term. If the help will be long term then you need to hire the right help for your situation.

If you are disorganised – how can you get better organised, perhaps some short term professional help to get you on track.

Step 3

Set a time line – Is the workload due to a specific project that will be finishing? Is the workload seasonal, can you plan ahead for the next season so you are not in the same situation again?

Step 4

Create an action plan – Now that you have a time line, work out the steps you need to take and begin to implement them. This is where you become proactive!

Step 5

Be thankful – Not everyone in business is as busy as you so take a minute to be grateful of your hard work and current successes.

Now that you are proactive in your business – what are you going to do to take it to the next level? What are you future set of goals and dreams for you and your business and how will you be proactive in the implementation of these goals?

Your Business Adviser or Mentor can be of help here to help you to plan and then stay on track to achieving your goals. They will keep you accountable to taking your business forward and helping you to be the best business owner you can be.

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