Business Coach – Business Adviser – Business Mentor

What are the differences and why do you define yourself as one or the other – This is a question I am often asked, so this blog was the perfect way to answer it.

Sometimes it feels like everyone I meet is some sort of coach – Life coach, nutritional coach, fitness coach, business coach, executive coach, career coach, personal coach etc.! The term has become over used and somewhat diluted in its understanding.

This post is going to talk about the application in relation to Micro and Small Business, as this is the realm that My Sassy Business, our clients and our followers are in.

Business Coaching, Business Advising and Business Mentoring are processes that enable small business clients to achieve their full potential.

Business Coaching, Business Advising and Business Mentoring share many similarities so it makes sense to outline the common things that a paid professional will offer. Note: that sometimes a business mentor will offer their service in an altruistic manner to give back to an industry they have spent their life working in.

Now as you read this, please keep in mind that if you ask 10 different people you will most likely get 10 different answers. So please give me your ideas in the comments below this blog as I would love to hear them.

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Here are my definitions, as someone who defines themselves as a Business Adviser and who often shifts between roles to satisfy my clients’ specific needs.

Business Coach – Is not usually fixed upon a specific problem or topic and they are usually hands off. They are usually concerned with developing the intellectual capabilities of the business and the acumen of the business director they are working with.

Business Adviser – Is usually hands off and called to advise, assess, and counsel on a topic or set of topics. Recommendations are provided which are collaborative and based on the business owner of the businesses needs and wants. Generally the implementation of any recommendations will be by the owner of the business and/or staff if available. Follow up often continues and there may be written material produced for the owner of the business. Often the Business Adviser ends up mentoring too as part of the role as specific knowledge can often be applied.

Business Mentor – Is usually hands off and has knowledge that is specific to the role of the mentored. A business mentor’s hindsight can often be your foresight!

Further to the above definitions there is so much more that is on offer and depending on the Business Coach, Business Adviser or Business Mentor and it varies depending on the business sizes. So to re-affirm this content is only discussing micro to small businesses.

As a Business Adviser I also:

  • Facilitate the exploration of business needs; owner motivations, owner desires, business skills and thinking to assist the individual in making real, lasting and beneficial change to their business.
  • Raise questions to find my client’s own thought processes so to identify solutions and actions rather than just tell them what to do.
  • An extensive amount of supporting my clients in the setting of realistic goals and the creation of sensible methods to assess progress regarding these goals.
  • Keep my clients accountable to these goals along the way so that ultimate achievements can be met for the long term.
  • Observation, listening and asking of questions to understand clearly and constantly know my client’s situation.
  • Enlist the creative application of any specific tools and techniques, which may include one-to-one training, facilitating, counselling & networking.
  • Utilise the encouragement of a commitment to action and lasting personal growth & business change.
  • Maintain unconditional positive regard for the client, being at all times supportive and non-judgmental of the client, their views, their lifestyle and their goals.
  • Enlist the provision of advice within my areas of personal expertise and competencies, based on proven methods.
  • Enlist the provision of experience in the areas that skills-transfer coaching is offered.

Now in finding your ideal business coach, business adviser or business mentor you can try many things. You can use Google to search terms like Business Coaching, Small Business Coaching, Business advice, Business adviser. You could search specific to your area; Business coach Sydney, Business coach Brisbane, Business coach Melbourne, Business Mentor and more.

Ultimately though you need to find a person that you can work with and that suits your business and your personality. This is where the choice can be difficult and naturally money, time commitment and more is going to be important for you.

I offer and most other Business Coaches, Business Advisers and Business Mentors offer an initial no cost and no obligation session so you can decide on the suitability for you. Remember to ask about flexibility, as it is important for small business and micro business, which are changing constantly. Make sure that you are with a Business Adviser who is flexible to your needs.

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