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So you have an idea for a small business or perhaps you have lots of ideas for small businesses. How do you make a decision?

Perhaps you have a business already and you need to come up with some new ideas! Where do you find ideas?

Have you ever used a mind map, had a brainstorming session, and solved the world’s problems over a friendly drink or meal? These are all fantastic ways of generating ideas for your business.

The important thing to remember here is to get your ideas down on paper and out of your head. When everything is stuck whirling around your mind, it is very difficult to straighten everything out and make sense of it.

Here are a couple of ways for you to work things through.

Mind Maps:

Naturally there is software available to create mind maps, but if you want to really download and get creative, you can’t beat a pen and paper. Get yourself the biggest sheet of cardboard or paper you can find, grab some coloured markers and start. If you have a large whiteboard, this can also be used.

All mind maps must begin with a main idea or concept that the rest of the map will revolve around.

1)   The first step is choosing that idea, business or topic.

2)   From here you can draw an image, or write a word that is that idea, business or topic.

3)   From the main idea, create branches (as many as needed), that each represent a single word that relates to the main topic. It’s helpful to use different colours and images to differentiate the branches and sub-topics.

4)   Finally create sub-branches that stem from the main branches to further expand on ideas, images and concepts. These sub-branches will also contain words that elaborate on the topic of the branch it stems from. This helps develop and elaborate on the overall theme of the mind map. Including images and sketches can also be helpful in brainstorming and creating the sub-branch topics.


There are countless techniques and creating mind maps can be a brainstorming technique too. If however you are at a point where you have run out of ideas then a brainstorming session is for you.

What I genuinely recommend is a hearty discussion with a business adviser or mentor. They can look at things in a completely different light and hopefully shine some light into areas that remained unseen for you.

Make sure it is not someone with a vested interest in you – In other words they don’t worry about you personally.

Brainstorming can also be done in groups too, and then you receive various opinions based on everyone’s experience. This is one reason that businesses often have a board! Yes, I heard you say a board is only for big business. This is however not the case, I personally know of a small business with a board of several people (volunteers) that meet quarterly. This board keeps the small business accountable and urges them to take leaps forward in their business.

Regardless of the method you choose it is a great way to work through finding ideas and receive contribution to those ideas so that you can make a decision. Generating business ideas is something I love to do, so take the opportunity to be in touch if you are interested in working together further.

The important take from this blog is to remember that no business owner has to ever feel alone. There are plenty of people who are able to help you along the way.

There is even a program called Sassy Small Business Idea Generator that you can sign up today for.

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