Calling all Tradies

Now I know that if you are reading this blog, you own a tradie business, are married to a tradie business or know someone with a tradie business!

Tradies can sometimes be very good at what they do but not always so great at the running a business aspect. I am not saying everyone is like that, but many are, so here are some tips and ideas for you.

Perhaps the Tradie you know doesn’t use a computer, perhaps they don’t hang on to their receipts very well, and perhaps they can’t figure out how to get new clients. Perhaps they forget to call people back, miss appointments and much more.

What tradies need is practical, honest and results driven advice, they need methods and systems to get and keep their business moving forward towards their goals and into a future they dream of.

As an example: There is wonderful software that operates in the cloud, which can help with invoicing on the job, accepting mobile credit card payments. You can send quotes while you are on the job, and so much more all from a simple mobile device. This means that when you go home you are not then sitting down to more work at the end of the day. Contact Stanfield IT if you are interested in learning about this.

Beyond this though is the need to gain more clients, have better financial management, do smart marketing, have a professional online presence, optimise their online search-ability and much more.

In mentioning an online presence tradies should look at as an affordable and fast option.

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Just like any other small business there are so many aspects that the tradie has to cover!

At My Sassy Business, we know and understand all these aspects and are able to help you with a no nonsense approach to achieving and surpassing your goals.

It is important to state that not all tradies want to run a business with 10 or 20 staff but there are others who do what that type of business. At My Sassy Business, Kelly Robinson works with you to achieve your goals regardless of the size of your business. Ultimately leading you forward to having the business that you dream of.

Would working on your business at the same time as working in it benefit you and your business? Could you be working smarter rather than harder?

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