At My Sassy Business we love the Small Business community! This is a community of people that may be running their business on their own or they may have many employees. They are hardworking, smart, entrepreneurial, women & men, innovators, negotiators and MUCH more.

A Community we love – It is this community that inspires us to come up with new learning materials, increase my knowledge and work directly one on one to achieve amazing results.

Small Business forms the backbone of the employment sector as millions of people are employed that way.

Micro Business (individual operators) make up a large part of the small business community and these are people that we love to work with. Some may see them as having created themselves a job rather than a business, but it is not so black and white. At the end of the day they are still in charge of their own destiny and the destiny of their business. Without them there may not be a business, and that raises community challenges of its own.

Regardless of your business size it is just that, “Your Business”, so long as you are happy and successful on your own terms then that is really all that counts.

My Sassy Business has a community we love of entrepreneurs that want to succeed on their own terms and take us for the ride with them. We found that the small business community were lacking in the ability to access information that would help their business to grow. Our learning materials aim to do just that, allow people to educate themselves about aspects of their small business all from the comfort of their own home. Our workbooks are written in easy to understand plain english to allow you the small business owner to work on your business when you have time.

We know you are busy working in your business so working on your business can be done at a time that suits you!

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