Creating the ideal Home Based Business

Are you a work from home business or are you thinking about becoming a work from home business?

For a lot of people this is the great Australian Dream!

With technology there are so many businesses that can be run from a home office.

Accountants, Bookkeepers, Graphic Designers, Cleaning, Online store, Marketing, Tutoring, Virtual assistant, Trades, just to name a few.

Some home-based business can be run 100% from the computer, while others may require you to have meetings.

Meetings in the home office are not always ideal, having said that some home offices have a separate entrance and this makes it very professional. The last thing you want however is for your clients or potential clients to have to pass by your pile of ironing or similar, to do business.

So when you are planning you need to think about how or if you will be meeting clients. Perhaps Skype calls will cover this and you will never have to meet anyone in person. Or will your clients have their own office where you can meet them.

Perhaps you will use a virtual office one day a week just for meetings; there are plenty of options available and very affordable ones too.

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Working from home though, can be challenging, even for the most highly motivated people. When you are lacking the motivation how will you keep going?

Some people do it with ease, while others struggle to keep the motivation going as they distract themselves with other tasks. You may put a load of washing on, get dinner started, and just watch some TV etc.

You maybe the type of person that needs to physically go somewhere to feel the motivation kick in. I have read articles where people get dressed professionally and walk around the block and into their home office for the day. This makes them feel like they are going to work. Other people must ensure they are dressed professionally as that is enough.

Some people can be motivated and work in their PJ’s still!

How then do you work from home, create a business, have a lifestyle and stay motivated to grow your business for the long term? This is part of the planning you need to be able to decide on.

You must create a plan that works for you and your business. Of course you can change things later but it is much easier to do it from the early stages of business.

Do worry though if you are in business working from home and not happy there are things you can do.

On a working day:

  • Get dressed like you are working
  • Go for a walk around the block and re-enter as you would a job to start the day
  • Set the office up with a complete separate entrance (if possible)
  • Try working one or more days in a virtual office
  • Go to networking groups
  • If all else fails you could get your own office (if affordable)
  • Remember too that you are self employed and you can create the lifestyle you want, you have to work hard but during the times that suit you.

At My Sassy Business I operate out of an office that I share with two other businesses. This works perfect for me as I know for a fact that being in a home office day after day would demotivate me. Being around two other businesses, their day, their conversations and more, keep me inspired. This is not your typical shared office as we all are there full time and we are the only 3 businesses. It is however, a solution that works. We have a meeting room that we share and book times into the shared calendar as required. Not to mention there is also times that business can be referred between us to help our clients.

So creating the ideal home based business can have some down falls but it can be amazing too. You can have a long-term successful business that affords you the flexibility and lifestyle you are looking for.

What do love about your home based business or why do you want a home-based business, I would love to hear from you in the comments?

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