Critical Brand Message Information

It is an essential part of small business that your brand is recognisable. This is the main way that your business will grow and people will want to do business with you.

There is a multitude of ways that you can share your brand message and you must make sure that it is consistent and frequent. This allows for your brand to remain top of mind with your ideal clients.

How are you perceived?

Regardless of the amount of time that you have been in business there is going to be a perception about your business. This may be good, bad, indifferent or never even heard off.

Good – If you are speaking with someone and they have heard of you and have a good perception then the chances of closing the deal are very high.

Bad – If you are speaking with someone and they have a bad perception of your business; you know the possibility of closing business is very low. At least though you may have the chance of turning them around as you have them in front of you.

Indifferent – if you are speaking with someone who has an indifferent opinion then you have the chance to improve this and turn it into a good perception of your business. They may or may do business with you but at least their perception is good.

Never even heard of – this is a scary one – If you are speaking with someone who could be your next client and they have previously heard of you then your chances increase for them doing business with you. If they have never heard of you this chance is drastically reduced and you may need to work much harder to get them over the line.

Spreading the word

Naturally you would like everyone to have a good perception of your business and this comes down to the way that you share your brand plus the way that people do business with you.

When you are sharing the message about your business, think about the channels you use and if they are also aligned with the ones that your ideal clients are using.

Across these channels is your message consistent?

Do you use high quality images?

Are you sharing your logo and choosing your colours accordingly?

Are you using similar language styles?

Is the message consistent with your image?

Through your messages you are leading prospective clients on a journey to then do business with you.

What is the journey?

When your ideal clients are out in the world and they come across your business, what is the journey they take before deciding to do business with you?

How can you affect their journey so that your business is the ultimate choice for them?

What effect are they left with so that the next time they come across your business it keeps you top of mind?

The effect you leave is the reason that people will choose you in the future when they are ready.

All these aspects come together to be your brand message. You as the small business owner need to ensure that the message is clear and consistent. This way people will know what to expect when they do business with you.

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