Deliver Value First – So often in business we get carried away by price and worried that people will choose the cheaper product. That they will go somewhere else and they will pay less.

We then question ourselves, are we charging too much, if we lower our prices we will get more customers. Our business will be more successful if we lower our prices because then people will choose us instead of someone else.

This idea is completely false and almost a guarantee that you will send yourself out of business or completely crazy. You cannot run a business on price alone unless you are a $2 shop – this is the exception. You are however in business to deliver a benefit or a value to your customer or client.

In business value is what you are selling – so regardless of your price you must show more perceived value. EG: $50 cost but $80 in value. You must deliver value first – make this your mantra!

This is where knowing the benefit/value of your business and its product or service comes into its own. This is the message you must give to you customer and they will buy from you regardless of the price you charge because your service/product meets their value requirement.

There will always be someone cheaper, but can they provide the value that you do! If you haven’t looked at this aspect of your business for some time, revisit it today and make sure that your message matches your delivery.

Deliver your value first, every time you speak about your business and see the difference it makes. My Sassy Business

What is your value proposition that you offer first to your clients?

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