Don’t focus on your competitors!

In a recent blog I wrote as the 1st tip don’t focus on your competitors. The reason that I put this as the 1st tip is sometimes in small business we can get carried away worrying what everyone else is doing.

“They have more clients, they look busier than me, they are making more money – How do they do it”.

When you are focused on everyone else, you are not focused on what you should be doing. Apart from making yourself crazy your perception of your competitors may not actually be the truth.

“There is no reality – only perception”

So what I recommend is that you notice what your competitors are doing but do not focus on it. Instead put your energy where it needs to be; coming up with new ideas and strategies for your own business.

If you are lacking inspiration there are some things you can do or try:

  • Go to a networking event
  • Talk to a business adviser
  • Seek out a mentor
  • Share with a trusted friend or family member
  • Ask for help or suggestions
  • Review your current offering
  • Review your website
  • Create a budget
  • Come up with a strategy to move forward

Small business takes hard work, time and commitment and sometimes we all need a little help with this. Don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed, no one is expected to know everything.

What is one thing you can do today to make a difference in your small business for the long term?

How can you educate yourself so that you are running your business better this month than you were last month?

What are some low cost ways you can generate new clients for your business?

What is a goal you can set for the next 12 months in your small business? Make sure it is achievable and please share it in the comments below. By sharing it you make it real, I look forward to reading your goals.

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