Downtime – Being in business can be amazingly stressful and you really need a way that you can recharge the batteries and get yourself ready for another day.

There are endless ways that you can do this and it may take you a while of trying new things before you work out the best way. Google may even help you to try new things, or your friends may inspire you to try something they love.

Often the scarier the activity the more stress relief you get! People is high stress jobs are known to do risky activities in their free time to relieve their stress.

Personally I am happy to just relax in the garden or go for a walk on the beach, cuddling a pet always helps too. Photography is a passion of mine so that is another way to recharge too.

You may like to be alone or in a group, but you have to find what works for you and then make the time to recharge so that you don’t get burnt out. It can be a time where as you recharge you also generate new ideas and goals for your business.

Whatever you do it is an important part of staying happy in small business and something you will thank yourself for doing. As most of our businesses are reliant on technology it can be vital to choose your recharge to be without technology. The opposite may be true for someone who never using technology as that maybe your way to recharge.

Miss Sassy

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