Fatal Ecommerce mistakes you don’t want to make

The e-commerce world is growing every day and there are many mistakes that you could be making. These mistakes will be costing you new customers, repeat customers and intimately sales long-term.

If you have an e-commerce website or you are looking to start one up, here are some fatal mistakes you want to avoid at all costs.

Shipping fees

The number one thing that online purchases want to know first is shipping/delivery charges.

You must have the details of your delivery options highly visible.

Free delivery is important – you should offer a minimum spend to get free delivery. E.G. spend $99 for free delivery.

If you are unable to offer free delivery then your policy and pricing should be easy to find and easy to calculate!

Never leave the calculation of shipping until after people have to enter all their details. This forces people to abandon their cart or never fill the order, as they don’t want to be shocked by fees.


Enforcing the creation of an account with customers needing to provide the full disclosure of all their details can prevent sales. Customers look for options.

To fix this, you can have the option for a guest check out where minimum details are required for the customer to make their purchase.

Return Policy

Lack of terms and conditions plus you return policy will cost you sales. The return policy is going to be read and it needs to be easy to find, easy to read and easy to action for purchasers.

Be smart and make it easy for people to know what your policy is, plus make your policy an easy one if people need to return their purchase.

Finally on a positive note – Ask your customers for product reviews. This will help your new clients to understand how wonderful your business and the products are. The more reviews that you have the more likely you are to convert sales today and into the future.

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Fatal Ecommerce mistakes you don’t want to make