Freelancing as a Small Business

Are you looking to become a freelancer and earn a living this way?

Perhaps you are hoping to be a writer, consultant, recruiter, designer or many more choices. Freelancing can create a great lifestyle but the frequency of work may be a little sporadic. Here are some tips to help you to create the freelancing business of your dreams.

Consistently market yourself

Your freelancing business needs ongoing and long-term marketing, which is clear and consistent. Even when you are busy, don’t stop at all.

Market even when you are busy

This remains true for all business, not just freelancers. When you are busy you must still market your business or you will experience a slow period and desperation may set in. Create a strategy that you can keep up all year round regardless of how busy you may be.

Keep the focus

Never forget who you are looking for when you are working in and on your business. Keep the focus always towards your ideal clients without ever forgetting who that is.


If you want more work you have to get out and chase more work. Contact old clients, get to more networking events, promotion, tell your family and friends, etc. Don’t be shy about telling the world what you do!

Educate your audience

An ongoing education of your audience will serve to grow your engagement and ultimately your clients.


Look to other professionals that you can collaborate with to share your message further.

Have an online presence

You should have a LinkedIn profile and preferably a small website to illustrate your talents. This means now that as a freelancer you can have examples of your work online for people to see.

Help people to find you

By having an online presence this makes it easier for people to find you and employ your freelance services.

Build relationships

Once you build good relationships and maintain them, you become the first person that comes to mind when they need your type of service.

Just a few tips that I hope help you to have the freelancing business you are looking for. If you know someone who is considering this perhaps pass the blog onto him or her for some inspiration.

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