Healthy Income Healthy Clients – We have written about how to find your healthy income, but where does a healthy income come from! It comes from having healthy clients.

So how do you have healthy clients?

My goal is for my clients to be successful at their chosen business as this in turn makes me successful. When they are happy they are likely to recommend me to another business owner.

What is the goal for your clients?

If you are selling a product or service then repeat business is perhaps going to be what you are search for.

How do you generate repeat business?

  • By giving value
  • By giving excellent service
  • By supplying a warranty
  • By supplying a guarantee
  • By giving free delivery

And many more ways

Beyond repeat business, what is the goal?


77% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about it from friends or family. (Nielsen)

Referrals are the ultimate goal when you have healthy and happy clients.

You receive referrals when your customer/client is so happy with you that they want to share that happiness with others. They want their friends, family, and colleagues to be able to share in the wonderful product/service that they have experienced.

How do you get more referrals?

Some customers and clients will already know how to refer people to your business – BUT others will not.

You may need to ask them explain to people how they can refer business to you and your business.

This can be done as a one-page information sheet – Here is mine.

How to refer people to Kelly Robinson and My Sassy Business

Referrals from happy business owners remain our primary method of marketing. I have found that someone who is referred to us generally comes with an appreciation of what we can offer to his or her business. I understand the trust you place in us when you make a referral, so to make it as easy as possible I have produced this guide.

How to spot our ideal client

Our clients are business owners and intenders looking to develop systems/administration, increase their clients through sales and marketing and know their financials.

Typically they may be feeling overwhelmed or lost for direction in their business.

The best way to communicate what we do

Kelly is a business adviser who will provide you with practical solutions to take your business and your goals forward to where you want them to be.

How to give us a referral

The easiest way is to copy me in on an email that introduces each other, add how you think this introduction will benefit them and that I will be in touch.

How our referral process works

Following receipt of your referral we will contact the person directly to discuss their wants and needs and how we can help them. They will be offered our no cost 30minute consultation, which can be over the phone or face to face. From here they can decide if what I do is going to be of benefit to them and their business.


“The technical side is definitely the area I enjoy, and it’s been a bit of a journey sorting it out in my own head. So thanks again for being part of reaching some clarity.” From Greg – VIC

“Thank you for a great workshop! It was filled with loads of information that has been very helpful.

A great course that everyone will benefit from.” From Jade – NSW

Now that people know how to describe you and your process it makes it much easier to send business your way.

Who do you need to inform about sending referrals your way?

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