How to Boost your Subscribers

Running a small business has many aspects and one of those is providing a great level of customer service. Within providing customer service, you may decide to have an email mailing list of your client base so that you can stay in touch.

I have previously written about e-marketing and the importance of utilising this in your business. However if you have a small or no existent list it is difficult to make it work well. Over 1 year ago I wrote about growing your list of subscribers, this blog expands on that post further.

Have a well-positioned sign-up or subscribe are on your website. This can be stationary or a pop-up version to entice people to subscribe to what you offer.

Are you going to blog or are you only going to produce newsletters or both?

How often are you going to send something? Make sure you stick to this so that your subscribers know what to expect.


Make sure that each newsletter has an enticing title; don’t just call it July Newsletter!

Add value with every newsletter; talk about new things, new products, new events etc.

Create a call to action for your readers so that they buy now or read something else on your site.


Discover your readers

Create a reader profile

Where do your readers hang out?

Are you able to guest blog in these places?

Are you able to comment on other like-minded blogs?

Have a list of subscriber milestones that you want to read and the timeframe around that.

Guest blogging

Make sure that when you are looking to and eventually guest blogging that you are choosing high performing sites close to your niche.

Thank goodness for Google as it allows everyone the ability to search based on topics and provide the most popular results.

Make sure that your guest blog or article relates to that site but relates to sending you true subscribers to your work.

Social Media

Via social media you can promote your business and the products/services you offer. You can also promote your subscription so that your ideal followers can also sign up. It is almost guaranteed that your ideal clients are on social media of some form. Make sure you choose from the most popular like Facebook and Twitter and again have a regular and engaging presence on these.


You must have an ongoing schedule

You must be organized

You must be creating value

You must be creating quality information

By being proactive in these areas listed above you will grow your audience of subscribers and people who love what you do. Ultimately this will also grow your business and the level of customer satisfaction ongoing.

If you want help with any of these areas please contact Kelly.

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