How to find your Starving Crowd – What is a starving crowd, I hear you say?

“The Starving Crowd” is the people or businesses that are most suited to your product and with the most need for your product.

To define who your starving crowd is then you need to follow a few steps, by defining them and knowing why they are starving and how they will benefit from this product or service is vital in this process.

Going through all these steps will lead you to creating the ideal way of marketing in the most cost effective way directly to your starving crowd.

Here are the easy to follow steps for you

Firstly define who your client is……..


If your client is a person:

Where do they live?

What do they look like?

How old are they?

How much do they earn?

Are they married or single?

Do they have children?

If your client is a business:

Where are they?

Are they small, medium or large business?

How many staff do they have?

How much turnover would they have?

How long have they been trading?

Plus make sure that you can answer anything else that is available about your client. This way you know who they are as soon as you see them.

Ask yourself……….

Why are they starving for your product or service?
What will be the benefit of them purchasing your product or service?

You must know in great detail the benefit that your crowd will receive from your product or service. If you don’t understand this you will not be able to market effectively to them.

Now that you have figured out the benefits of your product or service, you know why they are starving for it; you know who they are – WHERE DO YOU FIND THEM!

Going back to who your client is:

Do they use social media? If so which ones, Google +, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or UTube!

Our workbook Expose yourself on Social Media, can help you with this.

Are they attending Networking events? If so which ones and are you ready to attend? Read our blog post on Networking.

Now that you have figured out, who they are, what they need and why you are ready to promote and get in front of your starving crowd. Provide your starving crowd with what they need and they will be grateful and recommend you to others and leave you with raving reviews for your products or services.

Have you found your starving crowd?

Use our “Get more Clients Today” workbook to help further.

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