How to get more referrals today – Referrals to your business are almost a sure fire way to guarantee a new client. People love to get referrals and people love to give referrals.

When you receive a referral you are more confident that you will receive a good deal or great service as someone you know has done so in the past, otherwise why would they give the referral. People giving referrals have several different reasons for doing so. It is one of the following reasons – love to feel smart, love to be helpful, love to tell people what to do.

People you know also need to know about your business so that they can give you referrals. If they don’t have a clear picture of the benefit that you can deliver for their referee how will they be able to send someone your way!

You can define this by having a conversation but you can also do it in a written format by answering the following points.

How to refer others to (Your Business)

–         Define the use of this brief guide as referrals are a large part of your business

How to spot (Your Businesses) ideal client

–         Describe your ideal client in detail

How to best communicate what (Your Business) does

–         Your elevator pitch or a single sentence to illustrate your unique selling proposition

How to give (Your Business) a referral

–         The process, copied in on an email, for example

How (Your Business) client referral process works

–         How you will contact the referral and follow up

What others are saying about (Your Business) – Testimonials

–         Include short testimonials from clients

This written letter can then be given to your close contacts which may be business or personal and they will have a clear picture of your business and a clear way they can get you more referrals.

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