How to give more referrals

As a small business owner you will know that referrals are the life blood of many a small business, this blog will remind you to do it more often.


If you know me you will know this is a topic I am passionate about and it has been the topic of many a Social Media post and blog.

How to:

You have decided that referrals are something you want to do – but how to do it well so you don’t waste anyone’s time.

If you are going to give someone a referral to another business, make sure you know enough about that business so that you know it suits the referee’s needs. This equates to the ideal referral and happy people all around.


Take the time to sit down and find out about other business owners that you already know and will know in the future.

  • Send an invite for coffee
  • Ask about their business
  • Ask about the problems they solve
  • Ask about their ideal clients
  • Find out the best way for people to contact them
  • Reciprocate all this information back about your business

The amazing part of referrals is that if it is a good one; most, if not all of the work should be done before the potential client makes contact. This way the business that receives your referral will hopefully gain the referred business instantly and easily.

You must give without expectation – It will come back to you at some point.

Here is a post I did a while ago about “How to get more referrals”.

Now the thing about giving referrals is that you get a warm fuzzy feeling when you help people. If that person is then helped by your referral then warm fuzzy feelings all round.

So giving referrals is all about making yourself feel wonderful and who doesn’t want that!

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