How to grow your list of subscribers – This is a question most small business owners try to figure out and to understand so I though that writing this blog may be able to provide you with some ideas.

Treat your subscribers like people

This is something often forgotten in the world of email marketing. Surprising I know but beyond their email address there is a person. This person will either read or delete your email so engaging them in the title of the email is vital.

Know who your people are

Do you know whom you want to subscribe? Have you defined who your potential clients are and are you targeting them correctly? Get more clients today will help you to figure it all out.

Ask for help

Given your current subscribers a reason to share your email, ask them to share it with someone they think would find it useful.

Make it easy

On your website make sure that it is easy for people to subscribe to your emails. A simple widget towards the top of your page so people can find it.

Gift something to new subscribers

Perhaps you have a simple list of tips that you can send through for new subscribers. Perhaps an offer of a discount or free delivery if you don’t already offer that! Food sites could offer free recipes.

Ask people to sign up

If you have a storefront this is always easier as you can ask each customer. On a web site you can ask people to sign up so they may receive exclusive offers just for subscribers of the newsletter only.

Utilize social media

You must be using some form of social media to promote your business. This is also where you can promote the benefits of people becoming subscribers to your emails. Expose yourself today on social media if you are not utilising your social media and making the most of it, how will people even find you to sign up.

Finally, make sure that when you are sending out your newsletters, they are interesting. Otherwise you will fill your list of subscriptions up only to watch them decrease as bored recipients start to unsubscribe.

What are you going to do today to get more subscribers? Make sure you subscribe to My Sassy Business!