How to market your business on a budget

Are you looking for ways to expose your small business to your target client base?

Do you have a limited budget available for marketing?

There is SO much you can be doing yourself everyday to make massive changes in how your clients find you.

Firstly create an avatar of your ideal client and if you have various streams of clients create several avatars. Our recent blog “How to find your starving crowd” will help.

This is vital as if you don’t know exactly who they are how on earth are you going to market to them – you cannot market to everybody unless you have a budget like one of the big brands – Nike!

What ways can you market your business?

Low Cost ways to market your small business

  • Brand message
  • E Marketing
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Networking
  • Referrals
  • Your website
  • Content Marketing
  • Business cards
  • Events
  • Seminars
  • Etc.

Now I know you are looking at SEO, social media, content marketing and saying “OMG I JUST DON”T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO START”!

This is why My Sassy Business is running workshops on these very topics. No one is expected to know everything and outsourcing once you can afford it is fantastic.

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If however you can know a little bit this can make a huge difference on how people find your business. By doing things yourself it means that you have an understanding of how everything works.

For example – just writing your blogs utilizing a specific title, which you know people are searching for, will mean that Google can send those people your way.

If you appear on page one of Google just because your blog title is relevant, chances are that that person will click through to your site.

Remember this is an organic search result; it has not cost you anything except the time it takes to write a blog.

Think of your business blog as the FAQ hub, this could be where you answer any of your frequently asked questions. This may then limit the amount of questions you receive in the future.

These are the things we will be teaching you during the workshop that I mentioned!

There is a huge amount you can do for no cost to get people to your business.

Do you have a WordPress website? More than 20% of websites use this platform. If you do then make sure that you have the SEO plugin Yoast for WordPress. Having this means that you can work on your SEO with ease and without having to have a large amount of technical knowledge.

Content is now more important than it has ever been as it has an impact on your SEO. You must be bringing new content to your website on a regular basis. This can be done easily through a blog and you should also regularly review each page of your website and make sure that it is relevant for your ideal clients.

Will your clients be going to your website and not know what to do? Make sure it is easy for them to move around! Google will reward your site for it’s good usability.

Make sure you have Google Analytics installed and reviewing your website to produce the results of the interaction on your site. This is a FREE and invaluable tool, if you have a website you MUST have it.

Via Google Analytics you can see search terms, site visits, page visits, bounce rates and so much more. These statistics are incredibly valuable for the long term success of your website.

Social Media – you can’t ignore it so choose one or two that your clients use and be there in a professional manner. Interact, post engaging stuff and do it to the best of your ability. Social media is also one of the most affordable ways that you can market you business, your content and yourself.

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Take the time to write and create a 12month-marketing plan. This needs to break down all your tasks into regular activities. Easier said than done right!

Well, I can help, be in touch today, Kelly Robinson 0416 053 865 or

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